Have you ever wanted to learn the chinese language but have absolutely no idea how to go about it ?

Ever wondered what was the fastest way to learn chinese ?

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt the pain for not being able to communicate properly in chinese when you really need to?

You may want to learn chinese language because....

    to feel more comfortable and confident around Chinese speaking people

    read books, magazines, and web sites written in Chinese

    get an advantage for carieer advancement

    watch and understand Chinese movies 

    write to and email Chinese speaking people

    or you simply want to become exceptional at Chinese for any other reason...

"But Why Is Chinese Language So Difficult To Learn ?"

Like many others, you must have tried just about every means and products out there on how to learn chinese but never seem to get the desired outcome.

Well that is because learning the chinese language requires memorization of thousands of symbols and also mastery of the 4 tones of the language.

Conventional learning methods to teach  foriegners chinese involves placing romanized words that simulate the sounds of a chinese charcters below the chinese characters.

There  are too many romanization methods and they all suck.

Unfortunately this method does not aid in memorization of a chinese character, thus making the learning progress difficult and slow.

"Well take heart, because we have discovered a simple yet effective way to learn chinese."

We have learn from our research that if you do an analysis on the frequency of occurance of each chinese characters (which means the number of times a particular character shows up) in printed publication today ,you would get a frequency chart looking like this :

Frequency of usage of characters in modern readings

(Source: Chinese Character Frequency Dictionary - Beijing 1986)

Percentage of characters that is used in printred publication based on frequency of occurance

This means that if you could master the first 100 characters you could recognize ,read, speak and understand half of the words used in the media ! Isn't that great !?

Imagine, you'll be able to have 50% comprehension just from learning the first 100 characters.

These 100 characters are the most often used in the chinese language, accounting for 45% of words used in the media.Once these characters have been mastered ,you can go on to learn the next 100 and so on.

So, do you see how you could learn the chinese language in a logical and progressive sequence ?

Also, do you know that each chinese character is a symbolic representation of it's meaning ? It means that each character has a story to tell.Once you understand this, you'll be able to better recognise and remember a particular chinese character. (trust me this is way better then trying to remember all the strokes of a character).

Having understood this, we've decided to implement and integrate this two body of knowledge and come up with a systematic way of learning chinese.

Announcing, The Inductive Chinese Language Learning Programme


If you wish to learn Chinese but have absolutely no exposure to Chinese, this learning programme is tailor made for you.

The Inductive Chinese Learning Programme is an exclusive membership site which is dedicated to progressive and continual education of the chinese language.

I wish I had this program earlier...

Great Job guys… I wish I had this program earlier when I learnt to speak and write chinese. It is so simple and straight forward. I would probably save at least 30% of my time and effort with your program. Highly recommended for anyone who wish to learn the fast & easy way to read chinese newpapers and mix around with chinese friends!

Nicholas Yeap


The reason why this membership site was created was so that we could spread the good news on learning the chinese language easily.

Learning chinese language should be fun and enjoyable.

You'll learn more about :

  • The sequence of strokes for each character - See video presentations on how each an every character is written.
  • Hear exactly how each and every character is pronouced- you will hear exactly how each and every character is pronouced by a native chinese speaking teacher.

  • See how each character evolve from its original form to it's current form - see a chart which shows the evolution of a character to it's present day form.
  • Read historical discriptions of each character - Each chinese character has a story to tell.Read and hear audio recordings of the origins and symbolic meanings of each character.
  • Sentence examples and applications of each character - See examples of how each character is used in a sentence.Audio recordings available to accompany each sentence.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals ,It will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you'll be motivated to pursue futher growth in your education in the chinese language.

This is just what I have been looking for....

After spending alot of time, effort and energy on trying to find the best way to learn chinese language, I finally found this system which takes me step by step on how to learn the chinese language.

Raja Singh

The Easiest Way to Learn Chinese Is Now Made Available to You 

The Inductive Chinese Learning Programme is made of 10 module. Each module contains 10 highly used chinese characters which have been identified to be the most frequently used words in daily life.

At  the end of the course, you would have learnt 100 Chinese characters which research has shown, amount to 45% of the words that appear in publications.

To  Facilitate learning, each Chinese character is acompanied by 5 sentence examples using  the character in common daily conversations.

Just imagine being able to speak up to 50 sentences after learning only 10 characters !

And each chinese character makes up a single lesson each.

Have a look at the screen shots below to see what we mean...

Screen shot of the members area :

screen shot of a module

Screen shot of a lesson

A painless and enjoyable way to learn chinese language...

After going throught the lessons, I found that I could begin to read and write chinese whit out any hint and assistance.

Thank you so much for this wonderfull course.

Susan Lee
As a member of The Inductive Chinese Language Learning Programme, you'll receive...

Member Benefit #1
unrestricted access to the 100 most commly used chinese characters
(Value $37 per month)

These 100 characters appear at least 45% percent of the time in any publication today

As a member to the inductive chinese language programme,  you'll gain access to these 100 characters and also the sentence examples that accompanies them.

Member Benefit #2
Regular updates on historical background, meanings and evolution of the chinese characters
(Value $37 per month)

We here at the learn chinese language centre has dedicated ourselves to finding and tracing the origin, history and evolution of each chinese character listed in this programme.
Each and every chinese character has a history and origins spanning a few hundred years.
Some of these characters have evolved over time from ancient carvings found on oricel bones, potery and caved walls to the present day form seen today.
Also some of them had undergo additions , subtractions and modifications of their shape and form
In short each chinese characters has a story to tell
As a member of the inductive chinese learning programme, you'll recieve regular updates on the historical origins of each chinese character
Knowing these will help you learn to appreciate the shape and form of a chinese character and therefore will help you in recognizing and remembering a chinese character. 


Member Benefit #3
Regular Subscription to the "Learn Chinese Language Online" Newsletter
(Value $27 per month)

Get regular news and updates on the latest happenings on the chinese language

Also you'll be informed on the most recent and innovative ways on how to learn the chinese language.

You Can't Find This Kind of Information ANYWHERE Else!

"Okay, So How Much for This Membership ?"

Let's see...

How much would you expect to pay for such a comprehensive chinese language course teeming with comprehensive techniques and methods for learning chinese ? $399? $599?

Let me ask you; how much it would cost you if you hire a qualified chinese teacher ? In general, you have to pay around $10 to $30 PER HOUR for a regular tutor, not to mention you have to spend 5 to 8 months to complete your beginner's training! Ouch!

If you have tutorials 5 hours in a week, then you have to prepare $50 to $150 per week or $2550 to $7650 in one year! If you want to hire a qualified, officially-licensed tutor, you can expect to pay more.

Believe it or not, you can have access to this comprehensive chinese learning programme for an unbelievable low price of $197 $97 $67 !  That’s right, you did not see a miss print.

I've decided on this price because I know this will give a lot people who just starting their journey in learning the chinese language the opportunity to grab this valuable training guide as soon as possible.

ATTENTION: I am only reserving this introductonary price for the first 200 members.

Yes, you'll be locked in this price even is there is a price increase but it's only for the first 200 members.

After that the price will be increased to $97.

You can SAVE hundreds of dollars on other chinese language courses by getting all the same information here for less than the price of one lesson!

Try out this membership site for 30 days for only $67

Become a member today and see if this isn't the best way to learn chinese language on the planet. Fire up your learning experience and run it for a full 30 days.

If you're not seeing massive improvements by then (whatever "massive" means to you), I'll promptly return every penny you gave me. I don't want it.

You won't find a price like this for the value you'll be getting from this membership site anywhere else.

Look at it this way -- $67 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on The Inductive Chinese Learning Programme and start using it right away to improve your chinese language skills!

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What You Get Value($) Your Benefit
unrestricted access to the 100 most commly used chinese characters

Step-by-step blueprint to get you up and running quickly and easily learning the chinese language...no matter where you're starting from.
Regular updates on historical Background, meanings and evolution of the chinese characters $97.00

Regular updates that will save you weeks of learning time and hours of trial-and-error effort in understanding and remembering a chinese character.
Regular Subscription to the "Learn Chinese Language Online" Newsletter


Get regular news and updates on the chinese language.

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